The Saskatchewan Walleye Trail (SWT) was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1997 under the Non-Profit Corporations Act.

The SWT is operated by a team of members that are elected to a Board of Directors, along with the Executive. We work closely with tournament organizers and sponsors to provide value and establish the perimeters of each sanctioned event that constitute the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail. The SWT is comprised of 5 events; The Fort Spring Walleye Tournament, Lake Diefenbaker Walleye Classic, Regina Beach Walleye Tournament, Sask. Landing Walleye Tournament and the Last Mountain Fall Walleye Classic. All event locations provide anglers with the opportunity to compete on elite fisheries that are sure to produce incredible angling experiences!

For further information on the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail, contact any of the SWT Board Members or get in touch through our website’s contact submission form.

“Fishing, something you can do as a family for a life time” -2011 AML

For more information check out our website!

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