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Lake Diefenbaker Amazing Drives

Shores of Diefenbaker

Beaches, Towns & Parks

Lake Diefenbaker is the largest lake in Southwest Saskatchewan, providing world-class fishing, cozy harbour towns, full service marinas, sandy beaches, and parks with spectacular scenery. This driving tour can be done in one day or broken into shorter segments depending if you start from the north or south.

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Sandhills & River Routes

Sand Dunes & Ferry Crossings

Visit the South Saskatchewan River Valley for unique scenery and the awe-inspiring views of the Great Sandhills, one of Canada’s largest set of active sand dunes. This route will take you through small rural communities and and a chance to experience one of Saskatchewan’s famous ferry crossings.

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Explore Southwest Saskatchewan

There’s More to Explore

Southwest of Lake Diefenbaker you’ll find unique landscapes not found elsewhere in Saskatchewan. Explore mountainous hills, ancient valleys with dinosaur fossils, rolling grasslands teeming with wildlife, and a forgotten highway dotted with ghost towns. There’s driving tours for all of these.

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